Known Printings of The Score

Pocket Books (1964) back

Pocket Books (1964) front

Pocket Books (1964) back

Pocket Books (1964) back

Berkley (1973)

Gregg Press (1981)

Gregg Press (1981) back

Gregg Press  (1981) jacket flap


Coronet (UK) (19??) front


Coronet (UK) (19??) back


Unknown UK(?) publisher (19??)


Gallimard (France) (19??) (English: Racketeering)


Unknown French Publisher (19??) (English: Parker Gets the Loot)

Rififi (Portugal) (19??)

Rififi (Portugal) (19??)

Title translation: The Cake. VWOP Portuguese-language correspondent Carlos explains: “Bolo” is also used in Portuguese as slang for the pile of money accumulated in the middle of the table in a card game (the betting money). The equivalent of the “pot” in poker games.

Cover text translation: “Twelve assault an entire city – one of them is Parker.”


Allison & Busby (UK) (1999)

Omnibus includes The Seventh (as The Split), The Score, and The Handle

The Score by Richard Stark AKA Donald Westlake

University of Chicago Press (2009) back

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