Known Printings of The Hunter

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Pocket Books (1962)

Pocket Books (1962) front

Pocket Books (1962) back

Pocket Books (1962) back


Gallimard? (France) (1963?) (English: Like a Flower)

From reader Frédéric: A lot of Parker French titles are slang expression which are really hard to translate/explain (even in French…) “Comme une Fleur” can be used in the expression “arriver comme une fleur” which can take several meanings… It can be to interrupt something or more accurate, to arrive just in time when everything is already done.

X-Böckerna (Swedish) (1964)

X-Böckerna (Swedish) (1964)

Translation of cover text: “Suddenly the tables were turned – and Parker was no longer the one fleeing…”

Gold Medal (19??)

Coronet (UK) (1967) front

Coronet (UK) (1967) back

Kometförlaget (Sweden) (1968) (English: Point Blank)

Kometförlaget (Sweden) (1968) (English: Point Blank)

Translation of cover text: “He’s a lone wolf in the nether world. He is hated, feared, cold as ice. His name is Parker.”


Otava (Finland) (1973) (English: Coffin Up That Parker!)

Berkley (1973)

Berkley (1973)

Coronet (UK) (1974)

No image yet.

Rififi (Portugal) (19??)

Title translation: Hunter of Men

Gregg Press

No image yet.

Allison & Busby (1984)

Allison & Busby (UK) (1984)

Avon (1984)

Avon (1984) front

Avon (1984) back

Avon (1984) back

Planeta (Spain) (1985) (English: Point Blank)


Warner (1999)

The Hunter - Books on Tape

Warner (1999)


Gallimard (France) (1999) (English: Like a Flower)

The Hunter - German Edition

Ullstein (Germany) (1999)


Publisher Unknown (Italy) (1999?) (English: Swine, Inc.)

Allison & Busby (UK) (2002)

Allison & Busby (UK) (2002)


Allison & Busby (UK) (2008)

University of Chicago Press (2008)

University of Chicago Press (2008) back

University of Chicago Press (2008) back

The Hunter - Italian Edition

Mondadori (Italy) (19??) (English: Swine, Inc.)



Ullstein (Germany) (19??) (English: Now We Are Even)

Publisher unknown (Brazil) (????) (English: Point Blank)

Translation of cover text:  Top: “Special Mystery Edition” / Subtitle: “The barbarous vengeance of a betrayed and robbed man!”

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