Must-read interview with Brian Garfield

As part of the launch of the latest batch of Parker novels (Butcher’s Moon in particular), Levi Stahl of the University of Chicago Press has a terrific interview with Brian Garfield about his friendship and sometimes working relationship with Donald Westlake. As a bonus, it features some great photos.

I had a small part […]

2010: The year in Westlake

Note: New content will be light to non-existent for the next week or two, as I travel to celebrate a belated Christmas and an on-time New Year with my family back home.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this (very) hurriedly-written summary of 2010.

I hope that your holidays have been and will be […]

A Dance to the Music of Time by Anthony Powell–get a Westlake favorite for free

Sternberg stripped to his boxer shorts, turned down the bed, settled himself comfortably with the pillows behind his back, and opened the Anthony Powell novel he’d started on the plane. It was Magnus Donners he wanted to identify with, but he kept finding his sympathies going to Widmerpool.


U of C reprints: Backflash

Here’s the cover of Backflash, third and last of the upcoming batch of University of Chicago Press reprints.

And with it comes good news. The previous reprints had one introduction shared amongst the three in the batch (except for the first batch which lacked intros entirely). For this […]

U of C reprints: Comeback

The cover of University of Chicago Press’ reprint of Comeback takes its inspiration from the opening scene, same as the first edition:

The differences are that the silhouetted figure looks more masculine (good) but that the gun is not a shotgun (bad).


Good news from University of Chicago Press

Good news from the University of Chicago Press. They have secured the reprint rights for all of the Parker novels through Firebreak. The next batch of reprints (March 2011) will be Butcher’s Moon, Comeback, and Backflash.

Lawrence Block has introduction duty on Butcher’s Moon. Great choice.


U of C reprints: Plunder Squad

When these come out in September, all of the rare Parker novels save Butcher’s Moon will be in print, with that one to follow next year. Rejoice!

U of C reprints: Slayground

The forewords for this batch are by Charles Ardai, editor of Hard Case Crime and an accomplished crime fiction writer in his own right.

U of C reprints: Deadly Edge

I’ll have the cover art for Slayground and Plunder Squad in the coming days.

All three are scheduled for release September 1 (which likely means late August).

Parker flash-fiction contest

The Seminary Co-op Bookstore is hosting a 350-word flash-fiction contest to see who writes the best bookstore heist story starring Parker!

Prizes are:

All twelve of the University of Chicago Parker books printed to date. Darwyn Cooke’s Parker: The Hunter. A mini-poster of the U of C book covers.

Details here.

Sounds like fun! […]