“The Many Faces of Donald E. Westake”: Extensive 1988 interview from The Armchair Detective

Thanks to reader Colin, we can now read and enjoy this in-depth interview with Donald Westlake from the Fall 1988 issue of The Armchair Detective.

The interview was conducted by the late mystery writer William L. DeAndrea, who had previously expressed his admiration by penning an introduction to a library-oriented edition of The Score.

At sixteen […]

Trailer for The Stepfather remake

This trailer for the completely unnecessary remake of the Westlake-written The Stepfather appropriately features a completely unnecessary cover of The Cars’ “Drive.”

If you’re planning on seeing this, be warned that the trailer seems to give away the entire film.

The Stepfather comes out on October […]

Westlake/Stark link roundup 4/12/09

Cinemachine has a review of horror gem The Stepfather, written by Donald Westlake from a story co-written by Brian Garfield (a friend of this site). I’m really looking forward to the DVD release that I assume will happen when the remake comes out.

Darwyn Cooke announces that his comic adaptation of The Hunter is […]

Lots of folks ♥ The Outfit

I’ve noticed over the years that the movie adaptation of The Outfit has quite a few admirers, perhaps enough to qualify as a cult following. I enjoyed the movie, but there seem to be a number of folks out there who are downright enthusiastic.

I haven’t seen The […]