Reviews: Quick takes on The Dead Man, volumes 3-8

My original plan, as I mentioned when I reviewed the first two volumes in this terrifically fun combination of men’s adventure and horror, was not to review them all. I planned to review volumes that stuck out for one reason or another–an author of particular interest to the readers of The Violent […]

Grab-bag post: The VWOP Gazette, Blackbird Books, Sam Holt, Dead Man #3

Here’s a round-up of some interesting stuff from the past few weeks.

The Violent World of Parker Gazette

You may have noticed a new feature, The Violent World of Parker Gazette, in the sidebar. A click will take you to the main page, which is a newspaper-like thing that features some of my favorite […]

Reviews: The Dead Man–Face of Evil (#1) by Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin and Ring of Knives (#2) by James Daniels

Dead Man #1: Face of Evil


Matt Cahill is having a tough time of it. First, his wife Janey dies from cancer. A year later, he is perhaps willing to entertain the idea of seeing another woman. Their first date is to a ski lodge, where he hits the slopes and is promptly buried by an avalanche.