Added to the cover gallery: A Portuguese edition of The Damsel

Rififi (Brazil) (19??)

The artwork here makes this lighthearted romp look absolutely terrifying.

Title translation: The Girl

Cover text translation: “Grofield, an extraordinary adventurer, rescues a young woman in trouble in a race of life and death across Mexico.”

The Damsel by Richard Stark; 1968 Hodder & Stoughton first edition

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Having showcased two never-before-seen Hodder & Stoughton British hardback first editions of Donald E. Westlake’s Alan Grofield-starring Parker spin-off novels—The Dame (1969, Grofield #2) and The Blackbird (1970, Grofield #3)—it seems only fair I should shine the spotlight on the other […]

The Four Days of Grofield Day One: The Damsel

With the Twelve Days of Christmas just having passed and blogging that involves actual writing unlikely to happen until the debut of the new year, now seems like the ideal time to unveil the covers of the upcoming University of Chicago reprints of the four Alan Grofield solo adventures.

We’ve linked to these before, […]

The Grofield Files: Lemons Never Lie (1971) by Richard Stark; a review

After a slightly-longer-than-intended gap following my re-posting on The Violent World of Parker the other week of my three previous reviews of Donald “Richard Stark” Westlake’s Parker spin-off Alan Grofield novels—The Damsel (1967), The Dame (1969) and The Blackbird (also 1969)—here, finally, are my thoughts on the fourth (and final) Grofield solo outing, Lemons […]

Grofield reprint covers revealed

Sort of fooled ya there. The above image is not one of the covers. It was rejected, and I can see why. I really like it, but it doesn’t fit the book at all.

You can see the actual covers for the upcoming University of Chicago Press reprints, as well as some other rejected alternates, […]

The return of Alan Grofield

Ever since I started this site back in the olden days, I’ve gotten one question over and over again: Is anyone going to reprint the Grofield books? (If you’re not familiar with Parker’s occasional partner Alan Grofield, you can find out more by going here and clicking the links.)

And the answer was […]

Thoughts on The Blackbird

Right after I tell you all that posting will be light for awhile, I rack up several posts in short succession. Let me modify that to say that posting may be light for awhile.

I have finally fleshed out the page on the Alan Grofield adventure, The Blackbird. […]