Review: The Mercenaries (1960, a.k.a. The Cutie / The Smashers) by Donald E. Westlake

Let’s return to Donald E. Westlake’s debut novel (“official” debut, that is; he had other pseudonymous sleaze works published before it), 1960’s The Mercenaries, a signed, inscribed British first edition of which I blogged about just over a week ago. I mentioned in that post that Violent World of Parker proprietor Trent […]

Westlake Score: The Mercenaries by Donald E. Westlake; signed association edition (T.V. Boardman, 1961)

Happy new year, folks. And let’s open my 2012 Violent World of Parker blogging account with a very special Westlake Score . . .

Up top there is the UK hardback first edition of Donald E. Westlake’s The Mercenaries, published by T.V. Boardman as part of their American Bloodhound Mystery line (no. […]

Hard Case Crime 3/09: The Cutie by Donald E. Westlake (#53)


Mavis St. Paul had been a rich man’s mistress. Now she was a corpse. And every cop in New York City was hunting for the two-bit punk accused of putting a knife in her.

But the punk was innocent. He’d been […]

Westlake’s The Cutie (The Mercenaries) reprinted

I’m not doing my job here!

Donald Westlake’s debut novel The Cutie (originally published as The Mercenaries) was released February 11th by Hard Case Crime. Sorry I didn’t notify you sooner. I knew it was coming but it snuck up on me.

I’m in the middle […]