Off topic: Dark Rising: The Savage Tales of Summer Vale

I rarely go off topic here, but this is much too cool for me not to mention.

My brother’s band, squint, has been toiling away for years and are finally experiencing some well-deserved success. They recently released their third album, Goodnight, Bad Intentions, to universal raves. The future looks bright for them.

In addition, […]

Off topic: Plugs for family and friend

Last week, my brother’s band squint released their third album, Goodnight, Bad Intentions. Goodnight is a terrific set of songs, with a masterful production job by David Percefull (Bowling for Soup, David Cook) that does an amazing job of capturing the intensity of their live performances.

What does squint sound like? I hate that […]

Off topic: “Goodnight, Bad Intentions” by squint

Why am I posting a music video on a crime fiction site? Because the lead singer is my brother. But I’m not completely off topic–the video does contain noir elements.

I’m a critic even when it comes to my own brother, and I tell him honestly what I think of his band’s music, performances, […]