Added to the cover gallery: A Portuguese edition of The Mourner

Title translation: The Statuette

Levi Stahl on Parker and Donald Westlake on the White Rocket Podcast

Levi Stahl, as many of you know, is the man responsible for getting the Parker and Grofield novels back into print at the University of Chicago Press, as well as the brains behind the The Getaway Car, an anthology of Donald Westlake’s nonfiction writings. This past week, he appeared on the White Rocket Podcast […]

Added to the cover gallery: A Portuguese edition of The Score

Rififi (Portugal) (19??)

Title translation: The Cake. VWOP Portuguese-language correspondent Carlos explains: “Bolo” is also used in Portuguese as slang for the pile of money accumulated in the middle of the table in a card game (the betting money). The equivalent of the “pot” in poker games.

Cover text translation: “Twelve assault an […]

Added to the cover gallery: A Portuguese edition of The Outfit

Rififi (Portugal) (19??)

Title translation: The Gang

I can’t read the text well enough to run it through Google Translate.

Added to the cover gallery: A Portuguese edition of The Black Ice Score

Rififi (Brazil) (19??)

Title translation: The Case of the Black Diamonds

The cover text is a translation of the “Here’s Parker!” blurb from the Gold Medal first edition.

A previous version of this post mistakenly referred to this edition as being from Brazil.


Added to the cover gallery: A Brazilian edition of The Hunter

Publisher unknown (Brazil) (????) (English: Point Blank)

Translation of cover text: Top: “Special Mystery Edition” / Subtitle: “The barbarous vengeance of a betrayed and robbed man!”

This Brazilian cover is courtesy of reader Cesar. Over the coming days, I’ll be rolling out a number of Portuguese-language covers that he clued me in to.


’17 Comeback Special – The Violent World of Parker returns

We are back!

As longtime readers know, the site has been neglected many times in the nearly two decades it has existed in some form or other. This past year-and-change is the first time it has vanished entirely.

For you old schoolers who were wondering, here is what happened. I was in one of […]

Awful news: Darwyn Cooke dead at 53

I’ve been away for awhile for a variety of reasons–haven’t looked at the comments, haven’t checked the site’s e-mail account, haven’t looked at the Twitter feed.

I knew I’d come back, but I hate having to come back for this.

A lot of people asked me why there had been no volume two in […]

Inside the new hardcover edition of The Hunter


As you may not be aware because I did not give it nearly the coverage I should have, Darwyn Cooke and IDW Publishing have launched a companion line to their highly successful line of comic book adaptations of the Parker novels. They will be reprinting the original Richard Stark novels, each with ten […]

Darwyn Cooke to illustrate Parker prose novels

I don’t have much to add to this press release by IDW Publishing, except for awesome!

Darwyn Cooke To Illustrate Parker Prose Novels At IDW Sunday, Oct 13th, 2013 Donald E. Westlake’s Classic Stories Accompanied By Gorgeous Paintings By Cooke

San Diego, CA (October 13, 2013) – IDW Publishing announced this morning its plan […]