A Mexican Parker Movie?: The Curious Case of The Getaway Face (“Una cara para escapar”)

As some of you frustrated readers know, I’ve never understood the appeal of Twitter, so while I do use it to inform people of new posts here and link the occasional interesting article, I don’t check the @worldofparker account regularly.

But, fortunately, I did a couple of weeks ago, where I found […]

This week: Darwyn Cooke’s The Hunter and Godard’s Made in U.S.A.

It’s a big week for Stark/Westlake fans. Most of you already know that the first volume in Darwyn Cooke’s Parker comic adaptations, The Hunter, is out. I don’t have time for a full review roundup at the moment, but the critics are ecstatic. Entertainment Weekly, for example, calls it “joltingly […]

Made in U.S.A. DVD details and box art

According to the Criterion Collection’s site, Made in U.S.A. will get its official US video release on July 21, 2009.

Features include:

New, restored high-definition digital transfer Interviews with stars Anna Karina and Lászlo Szábó A video piece on the personal and the political in Made in U.S.A. […]

Westlake/Stark link roundup 4/12/09

Cinemachine has a review of horror gem The Stepfather, written by Donald Westlake from a story co-written by Brian Garfield (a friend of this site). I’m really looking forward to the DVD release that I assume will happen when the remake comes out.

Darwyn Cooke announces that his comic adaptation of The Hunter is […]

Made in U.S.A. theatrical showings schedule

Feb 11 – 24 NEW YORK, NY Film Forum Feb 20 – 28 BOSTON, MA Museum of Fine Arts Feb 28, Mar 2 and 5 BALTIMORE, MD Charles Theater Mar 27 – 31 NASHVILLE, TN Belcourt Theatre Apr 1- 7 SAN FRANCISCO, CA The Castro Theater Apr 10 – 11 CLEVELAND, OH Cinematheque Apr […]

“A Fine Godard Film Sees the Light”

2009 American release poster

Regular readers know I disagree with the title of this article.

Ty Burr from the Boston Globe on Made in U.S.A.:

As a movie it’s gorgeous, minor, and pivotal. The director extrapolated a detective plot from a Donald Westlake novel […]

L.A. Times: Made in U.S.A review

The L.A. Times has a review of Made in U.S.A., (based on The Jugger). Critic Kevin Thomas likes it:

Elliptical in the extreme and loaded with cinematic and political references, the film is nevertheless compelling because of Anna Karina’s radiant presence and Godard’s stunning images, dry wit, political fervor […]

Made in U.S.A.: Godard’s Missing Link

The L.A. Times, which seems to publish more on Stark and Westlake than all other papers combined, has a piece from Andy Klein today on the re-release of Jean-Luc Godard’s Made in U.S.A. (based on The Jugger). It’s good reading for those of you interested in the many strange ways that Stark’s […]

Made in U.S.A. Trailer

It was recently announced that there would be American theatrical showings of Jean-Luc Godard’s 1966 film, Made in U.S.A. (based on The Jugger). A company called Rialto Media has just posted the trailer to YouTube.

If they went through the trouble to do that, I think it’s a safe bet we […]

Made in U.S.A. Finally Gets Its American Debut

Just added to the obituaries page, from the L.A. Times: “Hollywood Rarely Did Donald Westlake Justice.” This contains the news that Made in U.S.A. (based on The Jugger) will have its American debut next week. Will video follow?

Next week, the first-ever film adaptation of Westlake’s work, “Made in […]