Non-Westlake Scores: John D. MacDonald’s The Deep Blue Goodbye and Nightmare in Pink

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I’m in the midst of a series of posts on vintage softcovers over on Existential Ennui, and I’ve reached a pair of paperbacks I was basically badgered into buying by one of the regular commenters on both The Violent World of […]

Parker, Reacher, Hammer: Macho series characters suddenly hot

Hollywood gets on kicks all the time. In 1997, we had the Year of the Volcano (Volcano, Dante’s Peak), followed in 1998 by the Year of the Meteor (Armageddon, Deep Impact), which was also the Year of the Animated Insect (A Bug’s Life, Antz) on the Chinese movie calendar.

It looks like 2013 will […]

Review: Impossibly Funky: A Cashiers du Cinemart Collection, edited by Mike White

Cashiers du Cinemart was my favorite magazine during its existence, and I devoured every issue I could get my hands on. Its pretension-bursting title was clever enough, but its contents were the real reward–each issue was packed cover-to-cover with a wild array of film-geek topics that for the most part lined up quite nicely […]