The Hardy Boys Meet Parker by Mike Capozzola

The Hardy Boys Meet Parker

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Dan Kearney of Joe Gores’ DKA series had a crossover with Parker and vice versa in Gores’ Dead Skip and Richard Stark’s Plunder Squad.

Donald Westlake’s own Dortmunder had a crossover with Parker (sort of) in […]

Parker Progress Report: a review of Dead Skip by Joe Gores and Plunder Squad by Richard Stark

Did we all check out my exclusive little Q&A with Dexter creator Jeff Lindsay on my own books blog, Existential Ennui on Monday? And if not, why not? If that short interview tickled your fancy, Jeff is popping up on a handful of other British blogs this week as part of a […]

Review: Dead Skip by Joe Gores

I’ve just added coverage of Joe Gores’ Dead Skip to the Not Quite Parker – Print page. Here’s what I wrote.

“I’ve never met a real detective before,” she said, “but I love Agatha Christie…”

Ballard, who only read Richard Stark, said he was looking for a Mr. Charles M. Griffin.

Dead Skip is […]

Thoughts on Plunder Squad

I have finally written up my thoughts on Plunder Squad. Here they are.

Hearing the click behind him, Parker threw his glass straight back over his right shoulder, and dove off his chair to the left. The bullet furrowed a line through the plans on the table, the sound of […]