Quick take movie reviews: Jack Reacher and Gangster Squad

Had the exact same film Jack Reacher not been based on a huge-selling series of books, starred an A-lister, and been heavily advertised, it would be a jewel, something to tell your fellow crime aficionados about after it’s forgotten, something akin to The Outfit (although it’s not as good as that one), […]

Noir Magazine features Parker, Reacher…

…and me!

This one’s so hot off the presses, the website isn’t even live.

This is Noir Magazine, a new magazine for tablets. I downloaded it for my iPad today, the day of its debut.

I just got the iPad a few weeks ago. I won it in a drawing of all things, the […]

Review: Tripwire by Lee Child

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels provoke wildly divergent reactions amongst lovers of crime fiction and related genres. While plenty do, a lot of folks just plain don’t like these books, even though superficially they should be right up their alley.

I’ve seen two main complaints. Let’s start with the first one, which is that […]

Review: Killing Floor and Die Trying by Lee Child

Is Jack Reacher the anti-Parker?

One problem with spending my limited reading time exploring the past is that I often have no clue what’s being published in the present. I’m embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of Jack Reacher, Lee Child’s protagonist in a trailer-load of thrillers beginning with 1997’s Killing Floor, […]

“Before Jack Reacher, there was Parker.”

Kenneth Turan reviews Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child, the latest in the Jack Reacher series. Turan compares and contrasts the Reacher character with Parker:

Reacher shares numerous traits with Parker, including living by a code of honor civilians can’t comprehend, but unlike Stark’s character he wants to do […]