Parker: The Martini Edition – Last Call finally released

After being delayed for a year and a half, the second volume of Parker: The Martini Edition has finally been released from IDW Publishing.

The Martini Edition – Last Call is a gorgeous, slipcased hardcover volume collecting books three and four (the final two, alas) of Darwyn Cooke’s brilliant Parker graphic novels. It ain’t […]

IDW Publishing announces Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition: Last Call

I’m very excited about this. IDW Publishing has just announced Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition: Last Call.

For those of you not familiar with the first Martini Edition, it was released in 2011 and was a massive, and I mean massive slipcased volume containing the first two of Darwyn Cooke’s already-classic comic book […]

Inside the new hardcover edition of The Hunter


As you may not be aware because I did not give it nearly the coverage I should have, Darwyn Cooke and IDW Publishing have launched a companion line to their highly successful line of comic book adaptations of the Parker novels. They will be reprinting the original Richard Stark novels, each with ten […]

Darwyn Cooke to illustrate Parker prose novels

I don’t have much to add to this press release by IDW Publishing, except for awesome!

Darwyn Cooke To Illustrate Parker Prose Novels At IDW Sunday, Oct 13th, 2013 Donald E. Westlake’s Classic Stories Accompanied By Gorgeous Paintings By Cooke

San Diego, CA (October 13, 2013) – IDW Publishing announced this morning its plan […]

Inside back cover: Darwyn Cooke’s The Man With the Getaway Face

Review: Richard Stark’s Parker: Book One–The Hunter by Darwyn Cooke

This writeup is later than intended, so by now you have likely read numerous reviews from comic book people, crime fiction fans, and Parker readers. If you’ve been reading the same reviews I have, they all say the same thing–Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Hunter is fantastic.

The […]

Got it!

Got my copy today. I found it on the porch as I was leaving the house in a hurry, so I haven’t even opened the shipping envelope yet. I hope to read it and have a review posted before the weekend is over.

Thanks to IDW Publishing for hookin’ a […]

A little more on the Parker comic

News keeps on dribbling out.

From the WonderCon ’09 IDW publishing panel:

The cover to Cooke’s adaptation of Richard Stark’s The Hunter was shown, and [editor Scott] Dunbier gave the history of the project, and how he personally had to convince author Donald Westlake that Cooke could faithfully adapt […]

Almost Darwyn Cooke’s Blog

Reader Patrick points me to Almost Darwyn Cooke’s Blog. If there is any new Parker comic news to report, there’s a good chance it will pop up there.

I went through it and didn’t find much that hadn’t already been covered, although it did link to this Publishers Weekly piece from […]