Trent goes off-topic

Greetings, all!

This site started out as a list of books on Geocities. It has evolved and grown, year after year (or most years, anyway), and eventually, for blog fodder and my own amusement, I started adding reviews and some coverage of crime fiction and film beyond things directly related to Parker or Donald […]

Westlake Score: The Black Ice Score (Allison & Busby, 1986)

This will be my last post for The Violent World of Parker for a little while—for reasons I’ll be outlining on Existential Ennui before too long—so as an adieu, let’s have a quick Westlake Score, in the shape of a 1986 Allison & Busby hardback edition of The Black Ice Score (dust […]

Introducing Nick Jones

Without actually looking it up, I’m confident that the one website I’ve linked the most in the past couple of years is Nick Jones’ Existential Ennui. So I came up with a dastardly plan–rather than just link him all the damn time, I decided to try to talk him into posting directly to this […]

Guest slot: Parker, Westlake and Peter Rabe’s Anatomy of a Killer

Note: I apologize for the lack of content lately, but I’ve been too busy to read, much less write. In lieu of my own contributions, I’m hoping to host some guest posts. This piece about a key Donald Westlake influence was penned by our old friend Nick Jones, and originally appeared at his blog, Existential […]