Reposted: “The Many Faces of Donald E. Westake”

One of the very best items in the archives of this site is an interview with Donald Westlake from a 1988 issue of The Armchair Detective. Recently, I was contacted by someone who pointed out to me that the PDF viewer was no longer working. It turns out that the company that made the […]

Website cry for help, plus Parker movie news featuring Mark Wahlberg

A younger Mark Wahlberg in The Big Hit.

Hello, folks! Been awhile!

You’re far more interested in the movie news, so I’ll be quick in talking about the site.

I put the site up in its current form around 2008, using a theme called Atahualpa. It was easy to use and I was […]

A Mexican Parker Movie?: The Curious Case of The Getaway Face (“Una cara para escapar”)

As some of you frustrated readers know, I’ve never understood the appeal of Twitter, so while I do use it to inform people of new posts here and link the occasional interesting article, I don’t check the @worldofparker account regularly.

But, fortunately, I did a couple of weeks ago, where I found […]

Podcast appearance: SFFaudio on Brother and Sister

SFFaudio banner

After an absence of over a decade, I return to the SFFaudio podcast to discuss Brother and Sister, a smut novel by Donald Westlake (as Edwin West) that is about exactly what it sounds like it’s about.

How did it go? Well, I never listen to podcast appearances after recording, but I didn’t have […]

Hard Case Crime review: Call Me a Cab by Donald Westlake


Note: Mild spoilers.

I should note up front that I am not the target market for Call Me a Cab. This posthumous novel began its published life as a novella for Redbook. It is a will-they-or-won’t-they story aimed at women, not at all the sort of thing I would pick up if it […]

Final(?) Donald Westlake novel to be published: Call Me a Cab

Big news from Hard Case Crime (via Facebook):

Now it can be told: Donald E. Westlake’s final unpublished novel — a real gem, sweet and sharp and touching and funny — is coming in February.

This is exciting news. As it happens, the unpublished Call Me a Cab was briefly touched upon […]

Hard Case Crime review: Castle in the Air by Donald E. Westlake (HCC-148)


When four groups of international heist artists team up to pull off the theft of the century – stealing an entire castle, and the treasure hidden in its walls – what could possibly go wrong? Well, consider this: none of the master thieves speak each […]

Can you spot it?

Can you spot why I posted this shot of Ben Stiller from Night at the Museum?

Answer below the fold (or scroll down).


Hard Case Crime to release Donald Westlake’s Castle in the Air

In February 2021, Hard Case Crime is re-releasing Castle in the Air, which has been out of print for forty years.

I’m excited about this one, as it’s eluded me at used book stores.


When four groups of international heist artists team up to pull off the […]

Review: Double Feature/Enough, part two – “Ordo”

Note: This is the third of four posts on Donald Westlake’s 1977 collection of two novellas, Enough, reprinted by Hard Case Crime as Double Feature. The series covers the novellas and the movies based on them. Links to the other entries in the series are at the bottom of this post.

“Ordo,” the second […]