100 beautiful British dust jackets

Nearly seven months ago now, I created a new permanent page over on Existential Ennui (my personal books blog, as if you didn’t know), dedicated to the finest examples of British dust jacket design—or rather, my idea of the finest examples, taken from my own collection of books, and including a fair […]

Books which begat films on Existential Ennui

Just a quick plug for a series of posts over on Existential Ennui—one of which Trent kindly linked in his “News for week ending”—on books which begat perhaps more famous films, some of which may be of interest to Violent World of Parker regulars. I cross-posted one of the earliest missives—on Brian […]

An interview with spy novelist Jeremy Duns, and more beautiful British book jackets

As Trent’s already mentioned—and nice scores there, sir—I won’t be blogging for a short while due to moving house—although I might, if you’re (un)lucky, find time to post something next week; we’ll have to see how we get on with the move. But before I vanish, I just wanted to draw your […]

Beautiful British book jacket design, featuring Donald E. Westlake

Hello, chums. This, I’m afraid, is yet another plug for my personal books blog, Existential Ennui. But fear not if you’re getting a bit sick of all these plugs: I will be back soon with some actual, proper Violent World of Parker content—either a never-before-seen (online, anyway) Westlake Score, or a series […]

Win Ilex Gift classic comics Journals, Postcard Books, Little Books, and Magnet Set on Existential Ennui

Here’s one for those of a comics bent: I’ve just posted a giveaway on Existential Ennui to win all of the items seen above, courtesy of Ilex Gift, the gift wing of Ilex Press, the publisher I make a (meager) living at by day. Up for grabs are SIX Little Books—Vintage Romance, […]

What It Was, by George Pelecanos: book review on Existential Ennui

Blatant plug time, folks. Following Monday’s review of George Pelecanos’s 2011 novel The Cut, I’ve been pressing on with the Pelecanos posts over on Existential Ennui. You can find a review of his latest novel, the superfly ’70s blaxploitation crime fiction corker What It Was, here:

What It Was review

And, should […]

Review: The Cut, by George Pelecanos

(NB: A version of this post also appears on Existential Ennui.)

I’ve a particular reason for cross-posting this review on The Violent World of Parker, as well as on Existential Ennui. I mean, George Pelecanos being ostensibly a crime novelist, and Donald E. Westlake/Richard Stark being an acknowledged influence on Pelecanos, obviously […]

Breaking news: Queen of Spy Writers Helen MacInnes returns to print in 2012!

Ever-so-slightly off-topic with this one, but I know a fair few Violent World regulars appreciate a spot of spy fiction as well as crime fiction: I’ve just broken the news over on Existential Ennui that spy novelist Helen MacInnes—author of, among others, Above Suspicion, The Venetian Affair, and The Salzburg Connection (all […]

Off topic: a short, exclusive interview with Dexter creator and author Jeff Lindsay, over on Existential Ennui

Jeff Lindsay photo Copyright © Ed Miller

Slight change of plan: as I mentioned on Wednesday, I had intended my next post on The Violent World of Parker to be on Joe Gores‘s Dead Skip, but I’ve just posted a short interview over on my other blog, Existential Ennui, which I figured might […]