Parker Mega Score finale: Richard Stark in British Thriller Book Cover Design of the 1970s and 1980s

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If you missed the announcement on Existential Ennui on Friday, some (relatively) exciting news: I’ve established a brand new Existential Ennui permanent page:

British Thriller Book Cover Design of the 1970s and 1980s

A companion page to Beautiful British Book Jacket […]

Review: Killing Time by Donald E. Westlake

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Thanks to a series of Westlake Scores, I’ve ended up reading—and reviewing—some of Donald E. Westlake’s earliest novels this year. I wrote about his debut novel—under his own name, that is; he’d had a number of pseudonymous sleaze works published prior […]

Like having a scorpion in the room: an interview with Darwyn Cooke on Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score


Darwyn Cooke does one in-depth interview for each volume in his series of comic book adaptations of Richard Stark’s [pseudonym of Donald Westlake] Parker novels. (Here are the interviews for The Hunter and The Outfit.) For his new one, The Score, he was kind enough to invite The Violent World of Parker to […]

Review: Killy, by Donald E. Westlake (1963)

(NB: A version of this post also appears on Existential Ennui.)

Slight change of plan here: I had intended to post a Westlake Score this week, but I’ve decided to hold off on that for the moment—partly because on a whim I actually started reading the Westlake Score in question, and so I might […]

Guest slot: The Wolf Man, by Christopher Lyons

Let’s keep the introductions to a minimum this time: the first part of Chris’s two-part guest essay, “The Man Who Doesn’t Wink,” can be found here, so go read that (if you haven’t already) to get yourself up to speed. As before, we welcome your comments, even more so now that […]

Westlake Score: Butcher’s Moon by Richard Stark; 1977 UK Coronet paperback

Time for my third and final post on Butcher’s Moon, the sixteenth Donald “Richard Stark” Westlake “Parker” thriller. And having eulogised the novel in an enervating fashion and examined the 1974 Random House first edition at laborious length, for this terminal missive I want to take a look at the first—and indeed […]

Collecting Parker: Richard Stark’s Butcher’s Moon—how to identify a true first edition

Having expounded at length—and how—on the meat (groan…) of Butcher’s Moon—i.e. reviewing the novel itself—I thought I’d ruminate for a while on the American first edition of the book: its collectibility and current value, and how to identify a true first. Those whose interest in tedious matters to do with book collecting […]

Parker Progress Report: Butcher’s Moon (Parker #16, 1974) by Richard Stark; a review

And so we reach the final novel in the first phase of Donald “Richard Stark” Westlake’s Parker crime series, and indeed in the first phase of my reviewing trawl through the Parkers: Butcher’s Moon. I’ve actually got three posts planned on Butcher’s Moon: this first one, which is, obviously, a review; a […]

Lawrence Block’s trilogy of Parker forewords

Today, Mulholland Books posted Lawrence Block’s foreword to the University of Chicago Press edition of Butcher’s Moon. This means that all three of Block’s forewords, which form a trilogy of sorts, are now available for reading online.

The foreword to Butcher’s Moon, titled to make it more article-like “Canarsie and Westlake, Parker […]

U of C reprints: Butcher’s Moon

OK, folks, here’s the one you’ve been waiting for. And you’ll have to wait a bit longer–official release is March 2011, which probably means Amazon will start shipping mid-February.

Still, waiting a bit longer beats the hell out of paying a fortune for a beat-up old paperback.

I really like this cover. […]