New trailer for upcoming Parker film, plus behind-the-scenes featurette

Above is the second trailer. Interesting that Payback is alluded to.

Here’s a behind the scenes featurette. It’s mostly just footage from the trailers with some comments by director Taylor Hackford, Jason Statham, and Jennifer Lopez edited in. Nothing terribly insightful, but it’s only two and half minutes long.

I got it from […]

A letter from producer Les Alexander about the Parker movie

Les Alexander was Donald Westlake’s friend for 35 years and is a producer on the Parker film. He sent this e-mail to reader Dave, who posted it to the comments. Dave and I both thought it was worth a post of its it own.

Les has been kind enough to engage us hardcore Parker […]

Parker movie tie-in book cover revealed

Here is the cover for the University of Chicago Press’ upcoming reprint of Flashfire to coincide with the film based on it. I like that they kept it simple, and I’m thrilled that they put the original title on the cover.

I think I wrote in a previous post or comment that this would […]

Parker movie trailer revealed

Well, folks, here it is. A lot of you are going to be disappointed.

Not because the film looks bad. It looks like a fun action flick. But they couldn’t resist softening up the character a little bit. So yes, that awful bit about “don’t steal from people who can’t afford it,” that I […]

Parker movie poster revealed

Here it is folks, via IGN and a tip from reader Eloise.

Also, alas, in the IGN piece is this depressing bit:

Here’s the official plot synopsis for the film, which was directed by Ray’s Taylor Hackford:

“Parker (Jason Statham) is a professional thief who lives by a personal code […]

First look at the new Parker film (sort of)

Someone in West Palm Beach took some camcorder footage of the filming of a scene from the upcoming Parker film starring Jason Statham. You probably don’t want to sit through all four minutes of this, as it’s mostly helicopters flying around starting at dusk and continuing into night, but once you’ve got the gist, […]

Like having a scorpion in the room: an interview with Darwyn Cooke on Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score


Darwyn Cooke does one in-depth interview for each volume in his series of comic book adaptations of Richard Stark’s [pseudonym of Donald Westlake] Parker novels. (Here are the interviews for The Hunter and The Outfit.) For his new one, The Score, he was kind enough to invite The Violent World of Parker to […]

Rest in peace, Ernest Borgnine

What a life.

The Split finally comes to DVD

Image from Warner Archives release announcement e-mail

(Via Wallace Stroby.)

Does this mean I have to watch it again?

Here’s the announcement from the Warner Archive:

THE SPLIT (1968) Richard Stark’s The Seventh (part of his iconic series of ‘Parker’ novels) gets the Jim Brown treatment in this neo-noir tale of […]

Violent World of Parker Gazette Extra! DEW Day Edition!

I like screwing around with new gadgets for the website. Most of those gadgets aren’t worth a damn, which is why this site has very few of them. But I like it when a good one comes around.

I’ve been messing with a new feature, which I’ve named the Violent World of Parker Gazette, […]