Interview with Maxim Jakubowski on Donald Westlake.

Paul Westlake has uploaded a two-part interview with Maxim Jakubowski (writer, editor, collector, founder of London’s Murder One Bookshop), on the subject of Donald Westlake. He discusses his relationship with Westlake as both a friend and fan, and offers plenty of wisdom on exploring the Westlake catalog.

The official Donald Westlake site has been […]

“The Many Faces of Donald E. Westake”: Extensive 1988 interview from The Armchair Detective

Thanks to reader Colin, we can now read and enjoy this in-depth interview with Donald Westlake from the Fall 1988 issue of The Armchair Detective.

The interview was conducted by the late mystery writer William L. DeAndrea, who had previously expressed his admiration by penning an introduction to a library-oriented edition of The Score.


1994 Westlake TV interview

Donald Westlake’s son Paul dropped this in the comments, but it’s worthy of a post of its own.

I’ll let Paul tell you about it (slightly edited–you can read the original thread here).

It’s from 1994 but I don’t have any more info. The only thing I remember that was written on […]

Must-read interview with Brian Garfield

As part of the launch of the latest batch of Parker novels (Butcher’s Moon in particular), Levi Stahl of the University of Chicago Press has a terrific interview with Brian Garfield about his friendship and sometimes working relationship with Donald Westlake. As a bonus, it features some great photos.

I had a small part […]

Interview: Wallace Stroby

Wallace Stroby is the author of The Barbed-Wire Kiss, The Heartbreak Lounge, and Gone ’til November. His new novel, Cold Shot to the Heart, was released this week. The reviews are quite good.

Wallace was kind enough to answer some questions via e-mail about Cold Shot and other stuff. Enjoy.

Trent: Your previous novel, […]

The Hunter – A conversation with author Donald E. Westlake

In this short film, Westlake discusses Richard Stark, the Parker character, the challenges of bringing Parker into the modern world for the later books, and the film adaptations. Well worth watching.

Thanks to Ellis.


Westlake/Stark link roundup 5/10/09

Donald Westlake as drawn by Darwyn Cooke

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these–let’s see what I’ve accumulated in the past month or so.

Hey Oscar Wilde! It’s clobberin’ time!!! has Darwyn Cooke’s portrait of Donald Westlake (above). (Thanks to Will Kane of World of Kane.)

German Interview With Westlake

One of his last interviews. If you can read German, it’s here.