Parker: The Martini Edition – Last Call finally released

After being delayed for a year and a half, the second volume of Parker: The Martini Edition has finally been released from IDW Publishing.

The Martini Edition – Last Call is a gorgeous, slipcased hardcover volume collecting books three and four (the final two, alas) of Darwyn Cooke’s brilliant Parker graphic novels. It ain’t […]

VWOP giveaway: Parker DVD


Update: The drawing has been held and lucky reader Sean is the winner!

I haven’t been posting or updating as much I’d like lately, so to keep you on your toes so you’ll keep checking in, here’s a giveaway.

I’ve got a used DVD copy of the 2013 Jason Statham/Jennifer “J-Lo” Lopez movie, […]

Hard Case Crime to release Donald Westlake’s Castle in the Air

In February 2021, Hard Case Crime is re-releasing Castle in the Air, which has been out of print for forty years.

I’m excited about this one, as it’s eluded me at used book stores.


When four groups of international heist artists team up to pull off the […]

VWOP Ordo movie giveaway – with a couple of catches (read carefully!)

The Donald Westlake novella Ordo was recently reprinted as part of the two-fer Double Feature for Hard Case Crime (a look at that volume is coming soon).

Did you know there was a movie based on Ordo? It’s a French film from 2004.

It’s fairly expensive in its US edition, but I found a […]

Here’s (The Violent World of) Parker!

Greetings dear readers! After a long hiatus, I’m back.

A very brief version of the past couple of years…

The URL expired because I wasn’t on top of things. I went to purchase it, assuming it would be available. Who would snatch up a URL like that with no monetary value?

Well, someone […]

The Mobile World of Parker

I have taken advantage of some improvements to WordPress to make The Violent World of Parker site much easier to view on mobile devices. It isn’t perfect and is somewhat limited, but at least you can read it, which you really couldn’t before without either terrific eyesight or a magnifying glass.

If you notice […]

The Westlake Review marks a milestone

I’ve promoted it on several occasions, and it’s linked in the sidebar, but it’s possible that some of you here aren’t familiar with The Westlake Review.

Fred Fitch (totally his real name) set out to read and review all of Donald Westlake’s novels, with the exception of pseudonymous sleaze titles. And as of shortly […]

Trent goes off-topic

Greetings, all!

This site started out as a list of books on Geocities. It has evolved and grown, year after year (or most years, anyway), and eventually, for blog fodder and my own amusement, I started adding reviews and some coverage of crime fiction and film beyond things directly related to Parker or Donald […]

Catching up on the news roundup: 6/8/13 – 8/3/13

Some of you may have noticed that the weekly news roundup posts, which I feed through Twitter, stopped on June 7. I never stopped linking news items through Twitter, as those that follow the account for this site (@worldofparker), surely noticed. The problem was that Twitter made some changes that […]

Let’s do this! Help requested for Donald Westlake nonfiction collection.

Go here.

From Levi Stahl, Our Man at the University of Chicago Press:

…I’ve just signed a contract with the University of Chicago Press (my employer when I’m wearing my publicist’s hat) to edit a volume of Donald Westlake’s nonfiction–a celebratory miscellany, sort of like the wonderful Charles Portis volume that was […]