Note: This page is out of date, and I’ve got some work to do. However, it does list all of Donald Westlake’s non-sleaze novels.

This is the most complete list of Donald Westlake’s novels on the Internet. How do I know this? Because I swiped everyone else’s hard work and made some additions and corrections.

However, this is still very much a work in progress. At the moment, there are (at least) three open topics, listed in order of importance:

  • Westlake sleaze novels. Westlake acknowledged four sleaze novels, written as Edwin West, on his website. Lawrence Block confirmed three more that he co-wrote, soon to be republished in the omnibus Hellcats and Honeygirls. So far as I know, those are the only sleaze books that are 100% confirmed Westlake. This great page (unfortunately not recently updated), lists a bunch of titles that could be Westlake based on the pseudonyms used. This similarly invaluable page states that Westlake acknowledged writing 28 sleaze novels prior to 1962 and bolds many titles as at least somewhat confirmed. However, the compiler confesses that he could be wrong. I would prefer not to include any titles that aren’t 100% confirmed as Westlake. If anyone out there can confirm or deny any of these titles as being by Westlake, please let me know.
  • Order of publication within a year. This is hardly critical, but if I can get it, I’d like an accurate publication order within any given year.

Two more things:

  • Have no fear! I will be eventually adding sections for Westlake’s short stories and other writings. In the meantime, here’s another great resource in addition to the two linked above, for those who can’t wait.
  • The source spreadsheet can be viewed here. This provides a cleaner view if the embedded spreadsheet doesn’t work well with your browser, and it also has the option to download so that you can have your own checklist. (Expect a lot of updates in the short term, though.)