Point Blank! by Richard Stark: the 1967 Fawcett Gold Medal edition (slight return)

Just a (not so) brief follow-up to my examination of the 1967 Fawcett Gold Medal edition of Point Blank! (retitled from The Hunter). If you’ve seen the comments on that post, you’ll know that TVWoP regular Jeffrey Goodman mentioned he had in his possession a piece of paraphernalia related to the […]

Westlake Score: Point Blank! by Richard Stark; Fawcett Gold Medal, 1967

Here’s a Westlake Score which has been the cause of a certain amount of consternation and confusion over the years, due to it being misidentified as an earlier edition of Donald “Richard Stark” Westlake’s debut Parker outing. What it actually is, in fact, is the 1967 Fawcett Gold Medal printing of The Hunter—which […]

Review: Impossibly Funky: A Cashiers du Cinemart Collection, edited by Mike White

Cashiers du Cinemart was my favorite magazine during its existence, and I devoured every issue I could get my hands on. Its pretension-bursting title was clever enough, but its contents were the real reward–each issue was packed cover-to-cover with a wild array of film-geek topics that for the most part lined up quite […]

Anyone want to buy a Point Blank mirror?

Something random I stumbled across. It’s not advertised as such, but I’d know that artwork anywhere.

I don’t think I’ve seen a red version before, though. Time to start hunting for more images.

Extensive Darwyn Cooke Interview

You do not want to miss this.

Parker comic creator Darwyn Cooke is interviewed by The Comics Reporter‘s Tom Spurgeon. He is joined by his editor, Scott Dunbier, and former collaborator Ed Brubaker, who currently does Criminal (which has been recommended to me a million times but […]

Westlake/Stark link roundup 5/10/09

Donald Westlake as drawn by Darwyn Cooke

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these–let’s see what I’ve accumulated in the past month or so.

Hey Oscar Wilde! It’s clobberin’ time!!! has Darwyn Cooke’s portrait of Donald Westlake (above). (Thanks to Will Kane of World of Kane.)


Point Blank and The Outfit soundtrack double feature

Film Score Monthly has released a nifty double feature soundtrack CD that includes both Johnny Mandel’s score for Point Blank and Jerry Fielding’s score for The Outfit. It’s a quality package that includes a 24-page booklet with extensive liner notes. If soundtracks are your thing, get it now as it’s a […]

San Francisco residents: Parker double-feature alert

Those of you in the Bay area can see Point Blank and The Outfit at the Castro on Friday, February 13th. Also of note is the Richard Widmark double feature the night before.