Prayers for a friend and honorary founder


Hey, folks (whatever folks are left), I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I started a new job and have been travelling a lot, so regular blogging has been tough.

I do want to say a few words, now, though, on a sad topic.

Mark Finn introduced me to Parker. […]

Relic of a lost era

I found this bookmark in an old paperback I grabbed off my bookshelf a couple of days ago.

When I moved to Austin in 1996, there were three bookstores where a lover of crime fiction could achieve Nirvana–Austin Books, Adventures in Crime and Space, and Mysteries & More. And then time passed.

Mark […]

Mark Finn at The Cimmerian: Rest in Peace, Donald Westlake

I want to highlight this obituary by Mark Finn, because he was the gentleman who introduced me to Parker, Stark, and Westlake in the first place.  Also, because it’s very good.

The thing that I most admired about Westlake was his ability to plot, and plot deftly, without ever a […]