Hard Case Crime news - 5/21/10 (part 1)

Lots of interesting news in the latest Hard Case Crime newsletter, so I’m breaking it into to two parts so your eyes don’t glaze over.


Back in 2008, we published one of our most popular books (and our first by a female author), Christa Faust’s MONEY SHOT.  The […]

This is (almost) it.

Hard Case Crime impresario Charles Ardai drops some knowledge at Rara-Avis.

> Oh, one other question: I guess this means there were no > just-finished works left behind when [Donald Westlake] died?

No, no just-finished works. At the end of his life, Don was publishing his books as quickly […]

Memory out now!

The official release date for Donald Westlake’s lost novel, Memory, is 3/30/10. However, Charles Ardai at Hard Case Crime reports:

I’ve seen and held a copy; I’ve seen it available for delivery on Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com (and the easier-to-type bn.com); and I’ve seen it on the shelves of one bookstore near me.  […]

Latest news from Hard Case Crime

Via the Hard Case Crime e-mail list:


In six weeks, we’re going to publish Donald E. Westlake’s unpublished novel, MEMORY.

Both Publishers Weekly and Booklist have given it starred reviews, calling it “a significant final work from a master” and “absolutely a must-read.”  The book hits stores at the end of March — but if you’re reading this message you have a chance to get a copy sooner than that.  At the start of March we’re going to be sending 12 free advance copies of the book to randomly selected people from our mailing list.  Interested in throwing your hat into the ring?  Well, we don’t need your hat — just send your name and the address to which you’d like the book mailed if you’re chosen to drawing@hardcasecrime.com before 5PM (New York time) on February 28.  It’s as simple as that.  All we ask is that if you’re selected you help us tell the world about the book, either by posting a review on a site like Amazon.com or BN.com, or by wrting about it in your blog (if you have one), or in whatever other ways you can think of.  Actually…we’d be grateful for anything you can do along these lines regardless of whether yours is one of the dozen names we wind up drawing.  MEMORY is one of the most important books we’ve ever had the privilege to publish, and anything you can do to help spread the word about it is much appreciated.

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Hard Case Crime review: The Valley of Fear by A. C. Doyle (HCC-063)



A sawed-off shotgun blast to the face leaves one man dead–and reveals a secret that has pursuied another across an ocean and set the world’s most ruthless criminal on his trail. […]

Editing Hard Case Crime: A discussion with Charles Ardai

44 - Somebody Owes Me Money by Donald Westlake

I recently corresponded with Hard Case Crime editor and publisher Charles Ardai over at Rara-Avis. The inspiration for the discussion was the butchering of the Harlequin Vintage Collection to make it more politically correct. I thought that you might find the discussion interesting and asked for permission to post it here, which Mr. Ardai was kind enough to grant.

(Edited slightly.)

Trent: If I recall correctly, you edit some of your reprints (I seem to remember you asking Donald Westlake to make changes to Somebody Owes Me Money). Do I recall correctly, and if I do, what do you use as a basis for those decisions?

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Hard Case Crime review: Fake I.D. by Jason Starr (HCC-056)


A New York bar bouncer with dreams of being more, Tommy Russo jumps at the chance to join a horse-owning syndicate. But to do so he’ll have to pony up $10,000 – and that’s money he hasn’t […]

Hard Case Crime 7/06: Lemons Never Lie by Richard Stark (#22)

“The best Richard Stark ever.”


When he’s not pulling heists with his friend Parker, Alan Grofield runs a small theater in Indiana. But putting on shows costs money and jobs have been thin, which is why Grofield […]

Killer Covers interviews Hard Case Crime’s Charles Ardai

Looks like it’s Hard Case Crime week here at The Violent World of Parker.

I’ve read dozens of interviews with Hard Case Crime publisher Charles Ardai since the line began a few years back. The interview featured this week over at Killer Covers may be the best. The jumping-off point is […]

Hard Case Crime 10/05: The Colorado Kid by Stephen King (#13)

The World’s Best-Selling Novelist is Back…

With an All-New Investigation into the Unkown.

On an island off the coast of Maine, a man is found dead. There’s no identification on the body. Only the dogged work of a pair of local newspapermen and a graduate student in forensics turns […]