Parker news from France (Updated!)

I have been terribly remiss in sharing this news from Miroslav, a French reader who continues to send me great stuff even though I seem to take forever to post it. But as I’ve said before, nothing that is e-mailed to me is forgotten. I’ve got lots of great cover scans and other goodies […]

Movie news and the future of Parker

Good news! I have it from a reliable source that the possibly upcoming Parker flick will neither be an original nor another take on The Hunter, but will instead be based on Flashfire. I’ve also learned that the filmmakers are committed to making an actual Parker movie, with a main character as […]

2010: The year in Westlake

Note: New content will be light to non-existent for the next week or two, as I travel to celebrate a belated Christmas and an on-time New Year with my family back home.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this (very) hurriedly-written summary of 2010.

I hope that your holidays have been and will be […]

Review: Richard Stark’s Parker: Book Two–The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke (II)

(Note: The timing on the release of Darwyn Cooke’s The Outfit was not good for me. Due to life, I did not have as much time as I needed to do a proper reading and write-up, but I wanted to get a review out before The Outfit hit the street. So I cranked out […]

Essential Darwyn Cooke interview on The Outfit (and other things)

When Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Hunter was released, the Comics Reporter landed the must-read interview with Darwyn Cooke on the subject. For The Outfit, that honor falls to Comics Alliance and this terrific interview by Tucker Coe Stone.

Some things mentioned:

If you’ve been following this project, you know […]

Today’s the day! Darwyn Cooke’s The Outfit now available

The wait is over for Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Outfit, which hits stores today in the US (it’s been out for a week in the UK). So hurry on down to your local comic shop and pick up a copy.

My review is here.

Friend of the site Louis XIV of Existential Ennui […]

Review: Richard Stark’s Parker: Book Two–The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke

Update: This review is a first draft. The current version is here.

The sheer brutality of The Hunter was unsustainable for a series, and Richard Stark didn’t attempt it. Rather, he took the character and universe of The Hunter and used them for more complex tales of amorality. This isn’t to say that there […]

A few things I’ve neglected to tell you about

I’ve had a very hectic time since Independence Day, and as a consequence, dropped the ball on a few items of importance. Here’s my makeup post.

To Twitter followers of the site–sorry about the avalanche of posts in the past 24 hours or so. The main purpose of the Twitter account is to serve […]

Cover art and preview: Darwyn Cooke’s The Outfit

I posted an ad that featured this cover art earlier. Here is the standalone cover.

I mentioned this on Twitter, but it deserves more attention: a six-page preview for The Outfit (drawn from The Man With the Getaway Face portion) is available here. (Thanks to Matthew.)


Review: Richard Stark’s Parker: The Man With the Getaway Face by Darwyn Cooke

The Man With the Getaway Face, in case you missed it earlier, is not a freestanding sequel to Darwyn Cooke’s The Hunter. Rather, Darwyn has condensed Getaway Face into a prelude to his adaptation of The Outfit, where it will serve as the first chapter when The Outfit is released in October.

It feels […]