Essential Darwyn Cooke interview on The Outfit (and other things)

When Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Hunter was released, the Comics Reporter landed the must-read interview with Darwyn Cooke on the subject. For The Outfit, that honor falls to Comics Alliance and this terrific interview by Tucker Coe Stone.

Some things mentioned:

If you’ve been following this project, you know […]

Thoughts on Butcher’s Moon

I finally have a proper writeup of Butcher’s Moon over at the Butcher’s Moon page.

To celebrate, I’ve added this cover from the 1991 Finnish edition. Both this cover and the Avon cover feature a child’s doll. I don’t recall a doll in the book. Am I just forgetting?


Good news from University of Chicago Press

Good news from the University of Chicago Press. They have secured the reprint rights for all of the Parker novels through Firebreak. The next batch of reprints (March 2011) will be Butcher’s Moon, Comeback, and Backflash.

Lawrence Block has introduction duty on Butcher’s Moon. Great choice.


Parker reprint and site update

I just received word from the University of Chicago Press that they have secured the rights to all of the Parker novels through Butcher’s Moon. This is great news, as Butcher’s Moon, Plunder Squad and some of the other late original-run Parker novels cost a fortune used. Before too long, […]