The Tapes Archive looks at Point Blank

Italian movie poster for Point Blank (1967)

A little while back, I sent you to a video from Alan Berry at The Tape Archive built around Quentin Tarantino’s discussion of Point Blank and The Outfit in the book Cinema Speculation. It was excellent and you should watch it if you haven’t.

Alan is back with another video, this time a deep dive into Point Blank. He describes it as thus:

Learn something new about the classic crime thriller, “Point Blank”(1967), starring Lee Marvin. This full-length documentary uncovers never-published information via John Boorman and 4 months of research. No other book, podcast, or video has taken this deep of dive into the film “Point Blank.”

I haven’t watched this one yet, because I want to watch Point Blank again first (it’s been a long time); but, having watched Alan’s video on Tarantino, I am certainly looking forward to it. Check it out.