The Paperback Warrior website and podcast



Those of you who follow the VWOP Twitter account have probably heard of Paperback Warrior. Paperback Warrior, as you can tell by the above image, is a website devoted to reviewing hard-boiled crime, mystery, men’s adventure, espionage, and western novels. Like the pulp novelists of yore, Eric and Tom crank ’em out, posting at least one new book review a day and often two.

The Paperback Warrior empire expanded in the middle of last year to encompass a weekly podcast, featuring a book review apiece from Tom and Eric, as well as discussion of authors and other topics of interest to vintage paperback fans.

Needless to say, Parker would have to be involved in such a site.

The most recent episode (#36) of the podcast discusses Max Allan Collins’ Parker pastiche, Nolan, and has some news about Nolan that I have not yet covered.

Episode #16 covers Parker himself, and includes some very kind words about this site. (Thanks, guys!)

Several of the Parker novels have been reviewed on the site, and you can see them here.

I urge you to check out both the site and the podcast (which is perfect for a commute at about half an hour per episode). There’s always something interesting, and it’s likely to send you off hunting for treasure at whatever used bookstores are still around you or on eBay or Advanced Book Exchange.


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