News for week ending 2020-03-07

Greetings! Here are some items of interest from the past week.

From The Westlake Review–Existential Question: Will There Ever be Another Donald Westlake?

Todd Mason at Sweet Freedom drew attention on Twitter to a couple of pieces on Westlake from his archives:


I have revived my occasional blog of reviews of movies, books, and music not related to Parker, Donald Westlake, or crime fiction. Although I mostly write there, often quite quickly and sloppily, to amuse myself and as a diary of some of the things I watch, read, and listen to, it is viewable by all. I know you care about my opinion on everything (right?), so if you would like to read it, it’s at This week I have a short review of the new H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, The Color Out of Space.

Content is pretty scant there at the moment, but it will get beefier pretty quickly as I port over scribblings I’m not too embarrassed of from other fora.

I also set up a separate Twitter feed for the same topics: @trentofftopic. If you are reading this and move quickly, you could become my first Twitter follower!

Have a great week! And remember, if you see something you think might be of interest to VWOP readers, I can be easily reached via Twitter or e-mail.