Added to the cover gallery: The Black Ice Score, 1972 Coronet edition

I’ve occasionally been awful about posting covers that readers have sent me.

OK, I’ve been worse than awful. This one is from four years ago from longtime reader Matthew A., just stumbled across in my inbox.

But it’s here now, and added to the cover gallery for The Black Ice Score.

The real treat here is the prose on the inside cover (or whatever you call it).

He is the man with the look of wildness in his eyes and animal strength in his limbs. He kills men as you or I would kill flies. They call him Parker. Call not called. No-one will ever catch Parker, for in his mean, dark world he is almost a god.

Really–who the hell wrote that?!? That’s crazy over-the-top!

Black Ice 1972 - Front Black Ice 1972 - Inside Black Ice 1972 - Inside Back Black Ice 1972 - Back

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