New Donald Westlake blog: The Westlake Review

I don’t suppose there’s any way to write this post and not mention that Chris Lyons and I have had our differences in the past. Some of them spilled out into public, and they were sometimes not pretty. However, his take on things Westlake is always interesting (even if I strenuously disagree with it from time to time) and he’s a fine writer. We hosted an essay of his on Parker (part one of which is here) for those very reasons.

A few months back, he started a new site devoted to the world of Donald Westlake, The Westlake Review, and it’s a welcome addition to the world of Westlakeiana. Christopher’s essays are, in general, a more in-depth approach to the books than you will generally find at The Violent World of Parker–getting a BA in English cured me of the desire to write in-depth analyses forever, although I still do on occasion, and Nick sometimes dives in deep. With the wedding and all, I’ve barely had time to delve into his archives, but now that I’m back and diving into this sort of thing again, I love what I’ve read so far.

No surprise there. I’ve added The Westlake Review to our links on the sidebar, and will be a regular visitor. You should be, too.