Hello! How are you?

Dear readers:

Apologies for the lack of content lately. Nick has chimed in on occasion, for which I’m very grateful, but I haven’t done a damn thing in a couple of months, including reading and replying to e-mail. (I knocked out a bunch of that yesterday and today. Again, apologies.)

As regular readers know, I’m getting married soon. Turns out, this is a lot of work. I’m moving this weekend, in fact, as a precursor to the blessed event. I’m writing this blog post partially because I feel guilty for neglecting things for so long and partially to procrastinate.

As regular readers also know, hiatuses (hiati?) happen every couple of years here when life gets in the way. I always come back, and will this time as well. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to coming home from work with nothing else to do other than having some dinner and watching a movie or reading a good book with my wonderful wife by my side.

So thank you to Nick, for keeping the pulse going, and thank you to all of you for always coming back. We will be back at full strength in a few months! Thanks for bearing with me.