Hey, everyone!

Don’t worry, we’re still here, sort of.

As regular readers know, co-blogger Nick and I have both recently had some happy but life-changing events. This has resulted in a lack of posting and work on the site, because these events have resulted in circumstances where free time is just a bit less than it used to be. But I’d like you to know that the site isn’t going anywhere, and I’m hoping to put more into it soon.

One thing about being slammed (I’ve been working on a major project at work) is that stuff like e-mail tends to pile up quickly, and the more it piles up, the more daunting the task of even opening that inbox becomes.

I’m opening it tonight for the first time in maybe over a month, because I’ve got to start getting on top of it at some point. If I can’t get books read and get posts written at the moment, the least I can do is get the weekly news roundups started again so that you’ll always have something interesting to read. So, once more into the box!

I apologize to all of you loyal readers out there, but I’m sure you can understand that sometimes, that’s just how life goes. I’m sure at some point, I’ll be posting regularly again, as I always have after prior hiatuses. I just don’t know when that will be.

Thanks for sticking with us, and keep checking!