Westlake Score: The Black Ice Score (Allison & Busby, 1986)


This will be my last post for The Violent World of Parker for a little while—for reasons I’ll be outlining on Existential Ennui before too long—so as an adieu, let’s have a quick Westlake Score, in the shape of a 1986 Allison & Busby hardback edition of The Black Ice Score (dust jacket design by Mick Keates), which I won on eBay just last month. Now, this book has a special significance for me; not so much because of the story—to be frank it’s one of my least favorite Parkers—more because of the particular edition, and what it represents: namely the final piece of a collection that has taken me over three years to complete.


There’s further explication over on Existential Ennui, so I’ll restrict myself here to saying that the chronicling of that crazed collecting quest on EE led directly to my becoming co-blogger on TVWoP (I think; I wonder sometimes what exactly it was that prompted Trent to invite me over—temporary insanity, possibly), so it’s kind of fitting that its completion should coincide with my taking a blogging break—not just from TVWoP but shortly from EE as well.

Thank you for putting up with me. See you on the other side of the George Washington Bridge.