100 beautiful British dust jackets

Nearly seven months ago now, I created a new permanent page over on Existential Ennui (my personal books blog, as if you didn’t know), dedicated to the finest examples of British dust jacket design—or rather, my idea of the finest examples, taken from my own collection of books, and including a fair number of Donald E. Westlake titles—from the 1950s and 1960s. I posted about it over here at the time, and ever since I’ve been adding jackets to the page; mostly wrappers from crime fiction novels or spy fiction, but some science fiction as well, along with more literary works. Well I’m pleased to announce that I’ve now reached the milestone of 100 covers on the page—a milestone that coincides, oddly enough, with a change of domain name for Existential Ennui, from “existentialennui.blogspot.com” to “www.existentialennui.com.”

If you follow this link:

Beautiful British Book Jacket Design

you’ll find lots and lots of covers, just like these ones:


So go take a gander, and maybe let me know what you think.