Parker movie tie-in book cover revealed

Here is the cover for the University of Chicago Press’ upcoming reprint of Flashfire to coincide with the film based on it. I like that they kept it simple, and I’m thrilled that they put the original title on the cover.

I think I wrote in a previous post or comment that this would be the first American Parker movie tie-in. (I wasn’t counting Point Blank! or The Split because they didn’t have much to do with the films other than a title change and a blurb on The Split. No movie poster cover, no split-your-binding stills in the middle of the book. Opinions could differ.)

Of course I was mistaken. Payback was the first. You’d think I would have remembered that after typing out the good intro by Westlake to that edition myself for posting on the site. You would also think I would have remembered because there’s a copy sitting not twenty feet from me. Anyway, that makes Parker the second American Parker movie tie-in edition by my count.

I don’t know if there will be an introduction to this edition. I have e-mailed U of C and will update this post when they get back to me.