Songs of noir part I: “The Murder Mystery” by the Velvet Underground

Some time ago, in my interview with Wallace Stroby, I made this threat:

“I’ve occasionally thought about launching a ‘Songs of Noir’ series when I desperately needed filler.”

With the books all in boxes and a hurry-up-and-wait move going on, now is that time!  I’m stuck at the moment without much to do other than pootle* around on my laptop and write filler posts like this one, so here we go.

This track is from the Velvet Underground’s self-titled and perfect third record, one of the greatest albums ever recorded. This album is my personal favorite from their tremendous catalog.

The Velvet Underground – “The Murder Mystery”

*I learned that word from Donald Westlake today and, yes, I’m going to use it every chance I get, even when I’m not quite using it correctly.