Sorry for the outage

Hey, all!

The site was down today for an extended period. Sorry about that. Glad you came back.

The Darwyn Cooke interview brought in more traffic in a month than we’d ever had before. More traffic than my cheap-jack hosting account would allow. So I spent some money to upgrade, as traffic will undoubtedly spike again once the movie comes out in a few months.

With exquisite timing, everything seems to be breaking in the middle of a complex move. Both my desktop computer and my car failed on Saturday. I don’t often point out that there’s a “Donate” button on the right sidebar, but there is. If you enjoy this site and have considered donating, now would be a great time. Moving’s expensive enough without stuff going kablooey all over the place.

And don’t forget those Amazon links!

Massive gratitude, as always, to esteemed co-blogger Nick for holding down the fort while I get things in order. I hope the outage didn’t cause you to miss his post on the edition of The Hunter (as Point Blank) signed by Donald Westlake and John Boorman. Since it’s Olympic season, I’ll say that I hope one of you brings home the gold.