Darwyn Cooke on Before Watchmen and Parker at ComicCon, with bonus violence

Some hiatus, huh? Well, just because I’m somewhat limited at the moment doesn’t mean I can’t throw up a quickie every now and again.

In this interview from ComicCon that Matthew pointed out in the comments, Cooke discusses Before Watchmen and then Parker. If you’re not interested in Before Watchmen (I am, but will wait for the trade paperback), the Parker stuff starts at about nine minutes in. It covers some of the same ground VWOP covered in our interview, but the lovely interviewess does come out of the gate with a good question that wouldn’t have occurred to me, or Nick either, likely, us knowing the book series so well that we’re too close to it think of that question.

And I’d like to flatter myself into thinking that when he says, “As I said the other day…” and then repeats the pull quote I named our article after, it was because he liked the title and the article.

As a bonus, also from the comments (Dave this time), comes this short (ten minutes) crime film starring Thomas Jane. It’s very good. It’s also pretty graphic, so be forewarned.

Thomas Jane in Dirty Laundry