I am going on hiatus (but Nick is not)

Hey, all!

Just a quick note to let you know that the move I’ve mentioned a couple of times here has commenced. I was waiting for the Darwyn Cooke interview to be finished and published before beginning in earnest, and now that that’s complete, it’s time to get going. All my Parkers (and all my other crime novels) are now in boxes <sniff>, awaiting their new home.

As I’ve mentioned, this move is going to be a complicated affair. I really have no idea when I’ll be fully settled. And, in the short term, I’ll have limited Internet access. I’ll try to keep up with comments, Twitter, and e-mail, but I don’t know what my ability to do that will be.

But Nick should have plenty of good stuff for you in the meantime. And when I return, I’ll have a neat collector’s item from one of the Parker film adaptations, plus some guest posts on a previously insufficiently covered Not Quite Parker character. (I may try to squeeze the guest posts in before I’m entirely settled, and I may jump in with something random if the bug bites me, but I can’t guarantee anything right now.)

So let me bid you a 70% adieu for the moment. Please take good care of the place while I’m away!