Books which begat films on Existential Ennui

Just a quick plug for a series of posts over on Existential Ennui—one of which Trent kindly linked in his “News for week ending”—on books which begat perhaps more famous films, some of which may be of interest to Violent World of Parker regulars. I cross-posted one of the earliest missives—on Brian Garfield’s Death Wish versus Michael Winner’s Death Wish—the other week, and had intended to cross-post one or two others as well, but unfortunately time got away from me. However, the subsequent posts have all been on novels and movies of a crime or thriller bent, namely:

Elmore Leonard’s Mr. Majestyk (which is the one that Trent linked)

Richard Unekis’s The Chase (adapted as Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry)

Gregory Mcdonald’s Fletch

David Morrell’s First Blood

James Dickey’s Deliverance

and William Goldman’s Marathon Man

and therefore might prove mildly diverting, should you find yourself with a spare minute or two. The Deliverance post also has a bit about Point Blank—both films, of course, being directed by John Boorman—and Trent’s weighed in in the comments, so please do wander over and join in the discussion.

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