“The Morals of Parker” by Frank D. McSherry, Jr.

Frank McSherry’s article, “The Morals of Parker,” was given to me by Jesse Willis of SFFaudio. It’s from The Mystery Fancier, March/April 1984. It’s a fascinating piece, worth a close read.

One of these days I’ll transcribe it, but for now you get the PDF. I recommend downloading and printing it rather than trying to read it on your monitor.

You’ll find a lot to appreciate in this piece, and a lot to disagree with.

Let me raise a toast to the folks who put together and wrote for fanzines back before it was real easy for me and people like me to type a bunch of words and hit “publish.” My life was hugely enriched by their efforts, in the realms of music, movies, and literature, and probably a few I’m forgetting at the moment. My hat is tipped.

The Morals of Parker