The worst filler post ever, featuring The Chambers Brothers

It looks like I’m selling my house and moving, and it looks like this is going to be a very complicated affair. At the end of it all (likely three months, maybe more) this is going to be a very good thing, but during that time period, it’s going to be a gigantic pain in the ass.

So I won’t be posting much for quite some time. I’m sure I’ll knock out a review here and there, but I’ve got a lot of work to do on the home front.

If I can’t do in-depth posts, I can at least throw up a new cover every now and again as filler. Lord knows I need to. I’ve got bunches stored on the hard drive, many sent in by you, dear reader, and the cover galleries are one of the most popular parts of the site.

I’ve added two to The Score gallery. I had a black and white of the Berkley Killtown cover which I’ve replaced with the color one above, and I’ve also added the Gregg Press cover, back, and jacket flap.

I’m rereading The Score right now, and came across this passage:

Parker said, “Shut up, Grofield. Okay, Wycza, get Phillips. Now we need two more.”

“The Chambers brothers,” said Paulus.

Since the Chambers Brothers were actually named Chambers, I’m pretty sure they weren’t inspired by The Score. But it is a nice excuse for a filler post.

(Also, have no fear, Nick is still here, and I hope to have some neat guest posts soon.)

The Chambers Brothers – “Time Has Come Today”