Beautiful British book jacket design, featuring Donald E. Westlake

Hello, chums. This, I’m afraid, is yet another plug for my personal books blog, Existential Ennui. But fear not if you’re getting a bit sick of all these plugs: I will be back soon with some actual, proper Violent World of Parker content—either a never-before-seen (online, anyway) Westlake Score, or a series of posts on Donald E. Westlake and Peter Rabe. Look out for one or the other of those next week.

And truth be told, this latest plug does have some Westlake relevance, because it’s for a brand new permanent page on Existential Ennui featuring the best 1950s/1960s British book jackets from my personal collection, in amongst which are a number of Donald E. Westlake novels, sporting splendid Denis McLoughlin jackets—one of which you can see above. But there are plenty of other great crime fiction covers besides, and there’ll be even more as time goes by, so do please go have a look and let me know what you think.