Win Ilex Gift classic comics Journals, Postcard Books, Little Books, and Magnet Set on Existential Ennui

Here’s one for those of a comics bent: I’ve just posted a giveaway on Existential Ennui to win all of the items seen above, courtesy of Ilex Gift, the gift wing of Ilex Press, the publisher I make a (meager) living at by day. Up for grabs are SIX Little Books—Vintage Romance, Sci-Fi, Combat, Crime, Sauciness and Horror, containing classic 1950s comics, adverts and text stories; TWO Journals—Lovelorn and Tales of Terror; TWO Postcard Books—again, Lovelorn and Tales of Terror; and ONE Lovelorn magnet set, EACH, for THREE readers. It’s quite the haul of swag, and all you have to do to enter is email me via the link in the post. The Little Books will probably be of particular interest to Violent World of Parker regulars, but it’s all nice stuff, so why not head on over and enter the competition?

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