The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu

I don’t get a lot of free stuff in the mail. When offered, I usually discourage it. Like most of you reading this, I’ve got dozens of books I’ve paid for that I haven’t read yet.

But sometimes packages do arrive uninvited. Today was a day when one did, containing the first two volumes of Titan Books’ reprints of Sax Rohmer’s wonderful Fu-Manchu novels, which I had no idea was happening prior to opening today’s mail.

Above is the cover of The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu, better known to us in the Colonies as The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu. As you can see, beautiful.

Curse you, Titan! Do you have any idea how many books I am already supposed to get through in the next six weeks or so?

Chapter One: Mr. Nayland Smith of Burma

“A gentleman to see you, Doctor.”

OK, I guess a couple more won’t hurt.

Buy The Mystery of (the Really Quite Insidious) Dr. Fu-Manchu

Buy The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu

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