Grofield reprint covers revealed

Sort of fooled ya there. The above image is not one of the covers. It was rejected, and I can see why. I really like it, but it doesn’t fit the book at all.

You can see the actual covers for the upcoming University of Chicago Press reprints, as well as some other rejected alternates, at the designer’s website. (We’ll post them here eventually, of course.) I have mixed feelings on the final results (well, not quite final, unless they’ve changed the name of The Blackbird to simply Blackbird.)

The cover for the dark Lemons Never Lie makes it look like a happy-go-lucky slapstick caper. This bugs me, probably more than it should. But for now, this one’s only digital, so you who still buy paperbacks will get R. B. Farrell’s perfect cover done for Hard Case Crime instead.

On the other hand, The Blackbird and The Dame are fine. Both capture the feel of the book quite nicely, even if the wilderness shot on The Blackbird cover cheats a little by being sans snow.

The Damsel is almost there. Is that Mexico City? I don’t know, never been. But it looks too modern. Give me a shot of 1967 Mexico City instead (if not a shot of whatever they were drinking there and then).

Those are my thoughts. Yours?