More Parker e-book deals, and some other stuff

I haven’t had time for much posting lately, alas, so this is just a quick grab-bag post.

First, many thanks to my new co-blogger Nick for picking up some of my slack. When things are a little slow around here, remember you can always go to his site, Existential Ennui, for great stuff on other (but often related) topics. Of course, you don’t have to wait until things are slow around here.

Pictures keep coming out from the set of the upcoming Parker movie. I’ve tweeted some of them, but I’m going to stop because this isn’t a Hollywood gossip site and some of them are getting into spoiler territory, a territory I try hard to avoid. From what I’ve picked up from seeing lots of these, the film is a good bit closer to the source material (Flashfire) than many of us had feared.

Here’s a quick (40s), spoiler-free clip of Jason Statham talking about working with J-Lo on the movie. He seems genuinely excited about it.

Finally, University of Chicago Press has expanded its Parker e-book promotion. The Score (#5) is free until the end of September, and now three of the first four are available for Kindle for only $2.66 each (I don’t know the timeframe, but assume it’s the same). Get ’em while they’re hot. Well, they’re always hot, so get ’em while they’re cheap. They are The Hunter (#1), The Man with the Getaway Face (#2), and The Mourner (#4). Spring for The Outfit (#3) at $8.99, and you’ve got the first five Parkers for $16.97, or about $3.40 per book. Score.