Off topic: a short, exclusive interview with Dexter creator and author Jeff Lindsay, over on Existential Ennui

Jeff Lindsay photo Copyright © Ed Miller

Slight change of plan: as I mentioned on Wednesday, I had intended my next post on The Violent World of Parker to be on Joe Gores‘s Dead Skip, but I’ve just posted a short interview over on my other blog, Existential Ennui, which I figured might be of interest to our little community of Parker fanatics: a Q&A with crime novelist Jeff Lindsay, author of the series of novels starring sardonic serial killer Dexter Morgan. I’ve blogged about the Dexter novels – and the spin-off Dexter TV show – before, so it was nice to be able to shoot a few questions Jeff’s way, on such varied topics as the serial killer genre, cannibalism, and police corruption. It’s a fun little interview, and marks the start of a UK blog tour for Jeff. So do, please, check it out, and I’ll be back on ‘ere later in the week with that promised Joe Gores post.

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